In my best-selling book entitled “My Camino Walk– A Way to Healing,” I had made two statements that I am wondering whether they are the truth. I had said that one needs the contrast of walking through industrial parks or along major highways to truly appreciate the beauty of nature. I take that back because I am fully aware how mankind is poisoning the environment for the sake of ‘progress.’ I will settle for pristine nature anytime and don’t need to know its polar opposite.

I had also written that one can often access the spiritual by way of the physical. For two days, I have walked 40 kilometers each day. That is also allowing for walking in the wrong direction for several kilometers. Sometimes in life, we follow the wrong path and I will admit to my list of errors along the way. Perhaps walking 40 kilometers was not enough to access the physical because I found myself walking not fully engaged in the process – not bored, but not connected. Do I need to up the ante to walking 50 km?  I have the stamina to do that and am enjoying the physical test of walking every day. I celebrate that I have the physical strength to do this.

Where I have found more spiritually connected is, not so much from the walking but, through connection with others – the sharing of stories and little anecdotes of events along the way.

When I was walking yesterday along a dusty, straight, dry road, I was suddenly surrounded by about 400 sheep. Normally they would scatter if they encountered someone outside their usual number of contacts. This time they crowded around me, sniffed at me, perhaps detecting the sardine oil on my trousers, and allowed me to stroke them. Yes, the attentive ministration of sheep brings me to that special place of connection.

Walked a modest 24 kilometers today. The first six were on a minor road before turning to dirt paths for the majority of the day. Am in Santa Marta de Tera – a small community with stores that seem only to open by appointment. More postings to come.