Was feeling congested during the night from my cold and not looking forward to walking especially as the weather is forecasted cold. 

Normally I would be on the road by 7.30 a.m One possibility was to take a train one stage beyond. Procrastination has its advantages. By the time I had had breakfast at a local cafe and found my glasses – they were in my right pocket – it was 10.00 a.m. I was feeling fine and would walk today a modest 18 km. 

I have never seen such blue

If yesterday’s walk was a measure of excellence, today’s walk was pure bliss. Again, nobody in sight, no traffic on the road, vistas of excellence, I found myself exclaiming aloud.

“Fuck, it can’t get any better than this.”

I have recently been in conversation with a couple of French nuns that I had met on their journey  about something that has been on my mind over the last several weeks. On my Camino through Spain, I have been disappointed in not finding this time in the hamlets and villages what I see as important. One could pass through a small village and not find a bar, a restaurant, a tienda, a supermarket or even, in Catholic Spain, a church. To me these are the things that are the brick and mortar that bind a community. Without these, what is left? Aren’t they needed?

I was expecting these nuns to be outraged, especially at the reduced number of churches.  

They looked at me as if I was talking a foreign language. OK, I was speaking French. What I realize that I have been having problems with on this Camino is what I was hoping to find rather than allowing myself to be delighted with what I would find without expectation.

From my previous experiences of the Camino, I was wanting to experience some of the same, the things with which I was familiar.

Expectation sets one up diaappointment. I should know that.