It’s as if I have started a new journey and, because I have moved on, I will be sorry not to see the people that I have got to know during the  past two weeks. However, I realize that it’s important not being attached to certain outcomes. It’s just more baggage just as heavy as the physical stuff one carries in one’s backpack.

I’m back to being a tourist again for a day in Salamanca and that takes some getting used to because one’s not walking. Still, that’s part of the journey just as much as the walking.

I love spending time in the churches because they are brilliant spaces in which to meditate. So much focused attention over the centuries. Would love to attend a concert here.

For the choir

Forgot to mention an event from four days ago. Got into conversation with someone who talked about a dearth of good writings about the Camino. One book he had enjoyed because it had touched a deep emotion was written by a Canadian. I asked him the title and he said that he had found it entirely by accident called “My Camino Walk – A Way to Healing” I was flawed – my book !! Talk about six degrees of separation. So he was the one of the people who had bought my book. He and my mother!

Coming to somewhere like Salamanca and I realize how much there is to see in the world.

It’s pleasant to spend time in the cathedral but intensely cold in these old buildings. That’s a refreshing change.

Tomorrow I walk again. Now time for dinner.