In my book “My Camino Walk – A Way to Healing,” (IslandCatEditions 2016 Kindle, Kobo, iTunes)  I had written that, when walking, the rhythm of the pace can cause a tune going through my head. It is not always a voluntary choice and there’s nothing you can do to change it.  Back in 2010, it was “Ten Green Bottles.” You know the one: “hanging on the wall..and if  one green bottle should accidentally fall, there’s be nine…..”

Well, this time it was a song that I remember from the 60’s and never wanted to hear again: “Trailer for sale or rent – rooms to let 50 cents….two hours of pushing broom…ain’t got no cigarettes.” Can’t quite remember the sequence of the lyrics. So, here’s this song going through my head, but it’s a small sacrifice to pay for such fabulous countryside through which I am walking.

Fortunately, this song doesn’t get a lot of airtime. After all, the song’s more than 50 years old. That much I love about the impermanence of things.

I get to my accommodation for the night and what do you imagine is being played on the sound system?  If the odds of me ever hearing this song again were poor, then what chance is there of me winning the lottery?

Not my accommodation – it is called a horreo

However, I am pleased that they are also playing other, to me, much more likable selections: Jacques Brel, John Denver and Leonard Cohen.

Feeling in great condition and loving every moment. And to think that I was going to take public transport through this.

“Well, Father, I wanted to go to Church but there was this vicious dog that wouldn’t let me pass.”

Dogs certainly can be a problem for travellers and, make the wrong move, and they will attack.  My recommendations are learn decent Spanish. Using the word ‘No’ does not work. It sounds like ‘Maybe.’ ‘Non’ is much more effective. My approach is to say in a reasonable tone of voice in English: ‘Don’t even think about it.’ Or, if you are feeling even more brave: ‘Make my day.’ But seriously, don’t turn your back on them.

I’m probably less than 120 kilometres from Santiago de Compostela.

My accommodation for tonight had burnt down earlier this year. Fortunately, the owner, Tomas, has other spaces available.

Finally, the above is something that Pat is always saying to me – although fortunately she says it to me in English.