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Silk purses, sow’s ears and Blue Nun

Sow's ears Sorry I haven't posted for several days. I always need to find a reliable source for Wifi and it isn't always available when walking the Camino. I was in Orense and [...]

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Trailer for sale or rent…

In my book "My Camino Walk - A Way to Healing," (IslandCatEditions 2016 Kindle, Kobo, iTunes)  I had written that, when walking, the rhythm of the pace can cause a tune going through my head. [...]

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Restless night but all’s well

Was feeling congested during the night from my cold and not looking forward to walking especially as the weather is forecasted cold.  Normally I would be on the road by 7.30 a.m One possibility was [...]

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A not so good day and a good day

I would like to say that I left my luxury suite in Puebla de Sanabria well-rested and in good shape. The reality is that I have caught a cold. I imagine it is from the [...]

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A day of rest

A view from my hotel The reality is that, despite the reflection I see in the mirror, just occasionally I should act my full consecutive number of years. I took the day off [...]

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Food, glorious food !

Lentil Stew Several days ago, I found myself by accident staying at a old farm house called Casa Camino in a small community called Riego del Camino run by three young women: an [...]

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