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It's as if I have started a new journey and, because I have moved on, I will be sorry not to see the people that I have got to know during the  past two weeks. [...]

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Change of plans

I have a guidebook for the Via de la Plata that is sparse on detail, descriptive passages, possibly exaggerated, that might make Etobicoke look like a garden city, and divides the journey into 'manageable' stages. [...]

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Why I walk

This is not what I would call the usual holiday. It is sometimes a test of endurance especially with the present heat, unusual for southern Spain this early in April. I'm not feeling that I [...]

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Three quick days

I seem to be fighting with technology again. Prepared my blog postings for the last three days and then lost it in space. In the big picture, it's just a champagne problem, so just take [...]

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On the walk

Madrid and Seville are behind me now. I've stopped being a tourist. I'm a traveler now. Where am I going? Where are any of us going? I could say I am walking to Santiago de [...]

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A day in Seville

My second day in Madrid was spent with two hours of the early afternoon at the Prado Museum. There's a limit to how much one can absorb in one visit, especially if one is also [...]

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