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A not so good day and a good day

I would like to say that I left my luxury suite in Puebla de Sanabria well-rested and in good shape. The reality is that I have caught a cold. I imagine it is from the [...]

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A day of rest

A view from my hotel The reality is that, despite the reflection I see in the mirror, just occasionally I should act my full consecutive number of years. I took the day off [...]

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Food, glorious food !

Lentil Stew Several days ago, I found myself by accident staying at a old farm house called Casa Camino in a small community called Riego del Camino run by three young women: an [...]

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On the road again

In my best-selling book entitled "My Camino Walk-- A Way to Healing," I had made two statements that I am wondering whether they are the truth. I had said that one needs the contrast of [...]

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It's as if I have started a new journey and, because I have moved on, I will be sorry not to see the people that I have got to know during the  past two weeks. [...]

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Change of plans

I have a guidebook for the Via de la Plata that is sparse on detail, descriptive passages, possibly exaggerated, that might make Etobicoke look like a garden city, and divides the journey into 'manageable' stages. [...]

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